Law and norms

Forms and documents

document type Banking law No 007/2008 of april 8, 2008
document type Law No. 25/2005 of 04/12/2005 on Tax Procedures
document type Banking regulation No 03/2008 on licensing banks
document type Commissioner General’s Rules Nº 001/2007 of 15/06/2007 Implementing the Law Nº 16/2005 of 18/08/2005
document type Commissioner General's Rules No 01-2001 of 01.08.2001 Governing VAT (Made under law No06/2001 of 20/
document type Commissionner General Rules No 007/2009 of 07/12/2009 implementing the Law no 16/2005 of 18/08/2005
document type General guidelines and procedure for environment impact assesment
document type Guide to the international registration of industrial designs under The Hague agreement - (updated January 2015)
document type Instruction No 01/10 of 30/05/2010 of Kigali City council setting prices for land lease and related
document type Investment Code 2015
document type Law modifying and complementing law No. 06/2001 of 20/01/2001 on the code of value added tax
document type Law N° 04/2011 of 23/03/2011 on immigration and emigration in Rwanda
document type Law N° 06/2001 of 20.01.2001 on the Code of Value Added Tax.
document type Law n° 06/2003 of 22 March 2003 amending and supplementing Decree-Law of 22 August 1974 on organization of social security
document type Law N° 12/2009 of 26/05/2009 relating to commercial recovery and settling of issues arising from ins
document type Law N° 24/2011 of 29/06/2011 modifying and completing Law 26/2006 of 27/05/2006 determining and esta
document type Law N° 25/2010 of 28/05/2010 modifying and complementing law N°06/2001 OF 20/01/2001 on the code of
document type Law n° 26/2006 of 27.05.2006 determining and establishing consumption tax on Some imported and local
document type Law N° 40/2008 of 26/08/2008 establishing the organisation of Micro Finance activities
document type Law N°05/2011 of 21/03/2011 regulating special economic zones in Rwanda
document type Law N°05/2011 of 21/03/2011 regulating special economic zones in Rwanda
document type Law N°17/2010 of 12/05/2010 establishing and organising the real property valuation profession
document type Law n°27/2017 of 31/05/2017 governing companies
document type Law No 11/2009 of 14/05/2009 on Security Interests in Movable Property
document type Law No 14/2010 of 07/05/2010 modifying and complementing the Companies Act
document type Law No 16/2005 of 18/08/2005 on Direct Taxes on Income
document type Law Nº 18/2010 of 12/05/2010 relating to electronic messages, electronic signatures and electronic t
document type Law No. 27/2004 of 03/12/2004 modifying and complementing law No. 25/2002 of 18/07/2002 fixing the
document type Law on mortgages
document type Law on the protection of intellectual property N° 31/2009 of 26/10/2009
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